Domestic relations divorce/annulments filings, completed marriage licenses

Published 5:52 pm Friday, November 7, 2014

Domestic relations divorce/annulments filings

October 2014

Taken from Superior Civil Court case record

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• Tracey L. Smith vs. Mike Smith, Oct. 3

• Sherry L. Anderson vs. Jimmy L. Anderson, Oct. 6

• Jeffrey Lee Ingram vs. Amanda Hall Ingram, Oct. 7

• Rebecca Hutto Myers vs. Anthony Michael Myers, Oct. 8

• Morrell J. Clemons vs. Trellena M. Clemons, Oct. 13

• Shawnee Barfield-Mercer vs. Kyle Mercer, Oct. 16

• Deborah Ann Delassus vs. Damon Anthony Delassus, Oct. 17

• Karen Dollar Rentz vs. Greg Steven Rentz, Oct. 22

• Edward Cody Sapp vs. Nancy Leighann Sapp, Oct. 23

• Rhonda Harter vs. Richard Harter, Oct. 27

• Kristy Lee Ann Glisson vs. Thomas J. Glisson III, Oct. 29


Completed marriage licenses

October 2014

Taken from Decatur County Probate Court records

• William Bruce Moye and Nancy Dianne Barton, Sept. 27

• Jonathan Lawrence Dobbel and Emma Brianna Heard, Oct. 4

• Pablo Echavarria Jr. and Marictza Miguel Xuncax, Oct. 4

• Terandy Earl Evans and Anastasi Ariel Ward-Bonner, Oct. 11

• Casey Morgan McAlpin and Tami Lee Hibbert, Oct. 12

• Ricky Joseph Sullivan and Rachael Diane Sullivan, Oct. 23

• Charles Thomas Atkinson Jr. and Jeanie Carol Godwin, Oct. 24

• Alan D. May and Patricia Sanderson, Oct. 24

• Dallas Shawn West and Ashley Lynne Connell, Oct. 24

• Roger Elbert Nix Jr. and Susan Rebecca Shaw, Oct. 25

• Sammy Davis Richardson and Genoria Lennell Hopkins, Oct. 25