Local officials acting like children

Published 6:59 pm Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First, I find the people I know in the Climax community to be very caring people dedicated to helping others.
I apologize if I unintentionally offended any of these fine people in my Letter to the Editor in reference to your County Commissioner.
Our city and county officials remind me of nothing more than a bunch of third graders squabbling over who is to be the leader of the pack. I think we deserve more adult behavior.
Our Sherriff’s Office merits a deep and thorough investigation into the employees’ understandings of what their duties are or are not.
The order that the county should pay legal expenses of employees whose irresponsible behavior is the cause of this decision is not a valid reason for this decision and it should be rescinded.
Why can’t we have a yearly account of revenue and expenditure published in The Post-Searchlight so we who are paying the bills can easily see how much is being spent and where.
Why is the City Manager still on the payroll?
I’d also like to say that I think Roslyn Palmer is a voice of sense and reason and we need more like her.
And I do thank you, Mr. Findley, for your reporting of the activities of our elected officials.

Thank you,
Frances Lee

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