Climax City Council considers ways to raise revenue, lower expenses

Published 10:02 pm Friday, October 31, 2014

The Climax City Council announced at the meeting on Monday, Oct. 3, that a public hearing will be held on Monday, Nov. 10, beginning at 6 p.m. one hour before the regular monthly council meeting. The purpose of this hearing is so the citizens can give their opinions on ways to increase the city’s revenue, or decrease the expenses for the city.

Mayor Charles Hadsock also asked the council members to consider ways to use the back part of the gym for revenue.

Council woman Sandra Thomas made a motion that received a second by Vanessa Martin that passed for the council to enter into an executive session after closing the regular meeting.

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Upon returning and opening the regular meeting, Mayor Hadsock stated that GMA had contacted the City with new figures for the settlement of the Joel Jenkins case. These figures are not a part of the public record at the present time, therefore cannot be published. However, a motion by Vanessa Martin and a second by Sandra Thomas carried to agree with the new figures presented by GMA plus MSA.


Public comments:

The Mayor asked Corone Green to come to the council meeting to discuss some issues that had risen from Green renting the Tiger Den on Sundays. Hadsock told her that the key must be turned in after each use. He told Green she could not use the building unless she had paid for it first. The key can only be picked up during business hours. He told her not to contact city employees on the weekend for the key or try to pay for rental of the building. Green said she understood.

City Clerk, Karen Toole asked the Mayor and council how she was to apply the hours that employees worked over the 32 hour work week. Hadsock stated that this would be treated like comp time. The clerk also asked for a time clock to keep a record of the hours better. The mayor told her not to spend over $80.00.

Department reports: Greg Toole was absent due to sickness.

Police Chief John Presilla was absent due to being away for a class.

Fire Chief Jeff Kelly reported that the Crown Vic had been sold, but the City had no copy of the title. A title has been applied for and the sale will proceed when it comes in. Sold for $1,200.00

Get well wishes were sent to Council Woman Elizabeth who was absent due to sickness.

Reporters note: A big thank you to City Clerk Karen Toole for her contribution to this article.