Taylor speaks to Lions Club about Two and Two program

Published 6:07 pm Friday, October 24, 2014

Local State Farm Insurance agent Melinda Taylor talked to the Bainbridge Lions Club Wednesday about the company’s Celebrate My Drive program, which is aimed at keeping young drivers safe.

“Car crashes are the number one cause of injury among teens,” she said in opening her comments. “Forty eight percent of kids from 14 to 18 drive while texting or talking on their cell phone.

Taylor said the slogan for the Celebrate My Drive program is “two and two” which stands for two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel. She urged all teenage drivers to do their part by spreading the two and two message. A distraction of just five seconds can cause an accident.

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“I have introduced our safe driving program to Bainbridge High School and Grace Christian Academy,” Taylor said. “They have registered to show their support for the Two and Two slogan.”

Schools are eligible for $25,000 and $100,000 grants. Grand prizes will be concerts with the Band Perry. One out of 90 schools are eligible for $25,000 grants and one out of 10 schools are eligible for $100,000 grants. One out of two grand prizewinners will receive concerts by the Band Perry. A portion of the grant money must be used for driver education.

“At Bainbridge High School the SADD group which stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions, is really behind it,” Taylor said. “Every teenager dreams of getting their license and sitting in the drivers seat, but it also involves some risks like being distracted and briefly taking their eyes off the road.

For more information about the Celebrate My Drive program, teenagers and their parents can visit celebratemydrive.com. This is the third year of the program.

“Teenage drivers are special to all of us and we are committed to keeping them safe,” Taylor said.