Kelly family holds reunion

Published 8:27 pm Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Kelly family reunion held at the Climax depot on Sunday, Oct. 19, began at the home of Lizzie Kelly Chason near Climax as a birthday celebration for her husband, Johnson (J.A.) Chason, who was having a birthday on Oct. 17, and her brother, Melvin Kelly, who was celebrating a birthday on Oct. 19.
Sunday, the day of the reunion, Melvin would have been 103. Some said while this picture, although old, was not of the first dinner. It was taken around 1980 or 1982 and is the generations or “roots” of the family known as the Kelly family reunion.
After Johnson and Melvin passed away, the name was changed to “The Kelly Family Reunion,” and was still held on the third Sunday in October between the two birthdays. Later, the reunion was moved to the Climax Depot.
The following poem by Kay E. Richardson shared at the 2013 Kelly reunion is still true today. Some commented, and many agreed as they shared the poem again this year, “This is what family is to me.”
“The Love of Family”
The most treasured memories in my heart
Are the ones in which you have each been a part.
The miracle of each new birth are slices of Heaven
Born on earth.
We’ve shard our laughter and some tears and kept our faith
Throughout the years.
Our family tree will only survive if it has our love
To keep it alive.
Let nothing come between our love.. it is a blessing from God above.
Times together bring peace of mind
When love and laughter have intertwined
What a wonderful gift life can be….
Wrapped in the love of family.
After a time of fellowship, good food was enjoyed by all. The food was so good according to Taresa Maxwell, granddaughter of Melvin Kelly, until Cousin Patricia Blanton’s husband Wayne, licked the last crumbs from the cream cake dish. Taresa said, “Cream Cake gone, gone, gone!”
Reporters note: A special thank you to the following for their contribution to this article: Taresa Maxwell and Paul Kelly.

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