Anytime Fitness sees growth after relocation

Published 10:38 pm Friday, October 10, 2014

In the two months the new Anytime Fitness on Tallahassee Highway has been open, owner Kim Mills is more excited than ever to see so many new faces joining to learn about fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

With around 5,000 square-feet of space, nearly double the room at the old location across the street next to San Marcos Mexican Restaurant, members are no longer on top of each other while exercising.

“All the members have been really happy with the extra room that we have so that the look of the club is updated,” Mills said. “We look like a brand new Anytime Fitness franchise that has just opened.”

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After five years of use, the old building was showing enough wear and tear for Mills to consider moving.

The empty Seminole Wind restaurant building across the street caught her eye. It wasn’t long before the move took place. Now, large windows pour natural light inside and the wall colors create an energizing atmosphere.

It’s everything Mills hoped it would be.

But her favorite part of the new location is the fitness classroom in the back, where she and other trainers can hold exercise classes like yoga and “pound.”

Pound has members hold weighted drumsticks and bang to the beat of the music.

“(Pound) is a great workout,” Mills said. “It’s fun music and choreographed. You’re literally working arms, legs and core at the same time, but it can be modified to any fitness level.”

Also on the docket for the classroom is a program called X-Fit, led by local Ryan Ryles.

Robert Mackelburg has been lifting at Anytime Fitness for five months and praised the workout environment compared to other gyms he’s been to.

“I’ve been to a lot of Anytime Fitness gyms,” Mackelburg said. “It’s brand new and a lot better than the other ones. There’s a lot of good people and a great environment. And of course, the owner and manger (Kim Mills) is pretty awesome.”