Octoberfest ready to welcome guests throughout October

Published 6:51 pm Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Imagine being a little boy or girl picking out the biggest pumpkin you can in the patch. Then imagine loading it into a trebuchet, pulling a lever and watching it catapult 100 yards before it splatters on the ground.

Octoberfest at Springhill Farms has you covered.

Farm owner Dan Provence is excited to host the fall-themed event for its fourth year in a row. Southwest Georgia residents can enjoy a month of games, events and activities. It’s a place for families to spend their Saturday or for teenagers to enjoy an afternoon in the corn maze.

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“It’s a treat for us to see so many families come out and spend time together,” Provence said. “People come and stay for a while, they don’t leave right away.”

The trebuchet, nicknamed the “pumpkin chunker,” is one of the main attractions. Provence said he plans on launching a pumpkin every hour. The 20-foot, thousand-pound device has visitors cheering when a pumpkin is sent soaring through the air.

“They go high in the air,” Provence said. “The big ones you can feel the ground shake when it hits. It’s an attraction to young and old alike.”

Customers can buy their own pumpkins and have them chunked. Or if you’d rather decorate your pumpkin, Provence has a station in the barn for painting them.

Another big attraction is the corn maze, where visitors can get lost and try to find their way back out. Provence noted the lack of rain this summer hindered the corn’s growth slightly, but not enough to put a stop the maze from happening.

And this year, Provence has added a twist to the labyrinth.

“This year, we’re going to have a maze game,” Provence said. “It’s a Halloween trivia game. There will be 12 questions you have to answer. Everybody has a pencil and an index card, and everybody who comes back with the right answers gets their name put in a hat for a drawing for a free T-shirt.”

Other attractions include bouncy houses, horseback riding and a Native American show. Provence’s favorite event, though, comes at the end of the month.

“Halloween is on Friday this year,” Provence said. “It’s our haunted hayride.”

The haunted hayride takes a wagon of visitors through the farm’s property, where ghouls, goblins and other scary figures lurk in the darkness waiting to scare them. Usually the ride takes place on Saturday, bur Provence said he couldn’t pass on the opportunity top have it on Halloween.

“It’s the most fun I have all year,” Provence said. “You hear screams from half a mile away.”

Provence warned the haunted hay ride may not be appropriate for kids younger than 10.

Octoberfest will take place every Saturday and Sunday throughout October from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 795 Woodhull Rd., with an exception on Saturday, Oct. 4, when it will close at 4 p.m.