Letter to the Editor

Published 6:38 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We are asking senior citizens to give your feelings and comments about the Decatur County Senior Center here in Bainbridge.

This should be a place where our senior citizens can go and interact with each other and should be able to enjoy spending time with each other. Many are on low or fixed incomes and should be able to participate in the activities without having to pay for meals or bingo.

Everyone should be treated fairly and equally. It should not be judged on race or income or anything else. We are concerned about our senior citizens here in Bainbridge. If you feel that the Decatur County Senior Center is not being run as it should, please speak up.

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The workers there are getting paid and should respect and treat everyone fairly and equally.

Please give your input and help us to make the Decatur County Senior Center a better place for everyone.


Thank you,

Rosa Screen