Letter to the Editor

Published 6:36 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bainbridge has really been hit hard with this credit card scam.

I was one of them.

I called my banks and talked to the president and told him about this problem. I was hacked Sunday night and I was told it was Home Depot because I used my debit card there.

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I started to tell him “no,” because I had not. Well, I signed a form and he said in two to three days, the money would be put back in my account. If there were any charges, they would cover them. Later, one of the bank’s loan officers came to my store with a print out of my transactions. She had highlighted the only two transactions I used my debit card for back on March 20 and March 25.

I wouldn’t have known if I did then because that was a year ago when my daughter died on March 25, 2013. It was a very emotional time for me.

I told her to look at the dates and then told her why. She walked out of my store and I got on the phone. I was so upset so I called the president back told him he proved me wrong of using my card, but I’m proved wrong every day.

But for a bank to hurt someone, you did your job. So I guess I’m a joke.

The following Monday, I went to the bank after seven days to talk to the president about what happened. I asked him if they went around proving every business wrong or if I was the only one. He said I was the only one. He didn’t want me to think it was the bank. He apologized again to me but the person who came to my store never said I’m they’re sorry, but she laughed.

And guess what, this didn’t start in March. I went to Home Depot and they gave me a printout of it starting in April. I have called the main office of the bank in Arkansas, left two messages and they have not returned my calls. You know there are bullies of all kinds in this world and different professions. Why me? Just because I couldn’t remember when it started. I was the target to be proven wrong, but that’s okay. Thank you for your professional ways of conducting business for your bank.


In Christian Faith,

Denise Webb