Bainbridge is true to its schools in many great ways

Published 9:26 pm Friday, September 19, 2014

I was driving through the Earle May Boat Basin earlier this week when something caught my eye. All the electric poles were sporting purple and gold flags that read “Bainbridge Bearcats.”

They aren’t just at the boat basin, though. This whole city is covered in them, much like how the whole city was covered in American flags during the Bassmaster Elite Series event in March.

I love a community that has school spirit.

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That term always seems to have corny connotations for people. Maybe it’s the image of cheerleaders desperately trying to pump up an uninterested crowd in the gymnasium during a pep rally that runs through their mind. Or maybe they think of someone dressed as a mascot, leaping and flipping around a football field.

There will always be a crowd that deems it “uncool” to be excited or passionate about their school. Hey, there’s not much we can do about that.

But something I’ve always loved about Bainbridge since moving here is the school spirit that surges through the community.

And sometimes it’s the less obvious things that really stick out to me when I notice them. The flags on the electric poles are a good example. I love the signs in storefronts that show of the colors of Bainbridge High School.

The Post-Searchlight has a column by BHS student Taylor Bush called Bearcat Boulevard that runs on Wednesdays.

It’s obvious she’s proud of her school, and I love that we can give a student a chance to praise the wonderful things Bainbridge schools have going on.

The whole community, as different as each one of us is, can unite under that one Bearcat flag.

I’ve even seen Grace Christian Academy students at Bearcat events, showing their support and socializing. That’s amazing, and I think it shows how tight-knit Bainbridge is.

The purple and the gold just bring people together. Simple as that.

As the Beach Boys once sang, “So be true to your school, just like you would to your girl or guy, be true to your school, and let your colors fly.”

You know you’re doing it right when Beach Boy lyrics apply to your city and schools.