Letter to the editor

Published 8:18 pm Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This letter is in response to an ad printed in the Post-Searchlight on August 13, 2014 from Concerned Employees of Grady EMC.

We appreciate your concerns for the Grady EMC. Our committee shares similar concerns. It should not be taking this long to have these issues resolved. Your committee should ask the board of directors and the management to answer the questions we have asked them. We have asked hundreds of questions over the last five months with no answers.

We’ve sent letters to management using the procedures outlined in the Grady EMC bylaws and Georgia State Law Code. We still have not been given any answers by any board member or management personnel. These are very simple requests regarding the funds that belong to the 13,100 Grady EMC members. As members, we are entitled to these answers and we have taken the proper means to acquire these answers and we will not stop until we get them.

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We know you do not represent all EMC employees because we are in contact with many EMC employees that also want answers and transparency. The one question we would like to ask the Concerned Employees of Grady EMC is why did you and Chairman Carlton not run your ad and letter in the Thomasville Times? Would it be because the Rossers and the board prefer that Thomas County members not be made of aware of what is going on at the Grady EMC? Is this why the Thomasville Times refuses to run our ads? This is very strange. You need to express your concerns to these 4,800 members also.

We challenge the Grady EMC board of directors, the employees, and the management to respond to any one issue that we have printed that they feel is untrue. You, the employees, should ask them to reply. We encourage you to do so. We will even pay for the ad. If the management and the board are men of integrity and honor, as you say, then please ask them to provide us with the documents we have requested in accordance with the Grady EMC bylaws and Georgia Law.

We hope that you don’t think we represent only a small group of members. How many privacy alert responses have been returned so far? We will not stop in our effort to receive the documents we requested and to achieve complete transparency at the Grady EMC. This will not go away.

Thank You,

Committee to Take Back Our Grady EMC