Climax employees see hours cut, water rate raised $5 per month

Published 8:19 pm Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A discussion about ways to increase the revenue for the City of Climax was held during the council meeting on Monday, Sept. 8.

The council all agreed not to raise the millage rate, and a motion by councilwoman Sandra Thomas, seconded by Councilman Robert Jones, passed unanimously.

However, after more discussion, the council did vote unanimously to increase the water rated by $5 per month after a motion by Robert Jones and a second by Elizabeth Phillips. The council also agreed to transfer that amount each month into the general fund. This will go into effect Nov. 1.

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Due to low funds in the general account, a motion by Robert Jones and a second by Councilwoman Vanessa Martin to transfer $12,000 from the water and garbage account to the general fund, carried three to one with Councilwoman Elizabeth Phillips voting against the transfer.

Mayor Charles Hadsock suggested that the Mayor and Council give up their compensation until the city experiences an increase in funds, with a motion by Robert Jones, seconded by Vanessa Martin. The motion passed unanimously.

The Council agreed to discard this year’s progress report, filled out by the employees, due to the fact that there will be no raises for the city employees because of the budget cuts.

A motion by Robert Jones, seconded by Sandra Thomas, carried unanimously to close the regular meeting and to enter into an executive meeting, with personnel issues given as the reason.

Upon returning and with a motion and a second to re-enter the regular meeting, it was explained that the city was low on revenue, and a motion by Robert Jones, seconded by Vanessa Martin, passed unanimously to cut all city employees work week from 40 hours to a 32 hour work week, beginning the first week of October. City Hall will be open Monday through Thursday, and the City would continue to pay for the employee’s health insurance.

Terry Cooper was served an affidavit of summons of Dispossessory. He did not respond to the magistrate court in the time allowed, so John Presilla gave him until Sept.9, 2014, to remove his equipment from the gym. Cooper was moving on Saturday Sept. 6. He left with an outstanding debt balance owed to the city of Climax for $520.

City Clerk Karen Toole attended the hearing for former Climax Police Chief Joel Jenkins held in Albany. City Attorney Mr. Lee stated that it could be a month before the city knew the outcome.

John Barber addressed the council about how his property within the city limits would be affected by the new building codes. He was concerned since this property had once had a trailer on it, and according to the new codes, he would not have enough land to put a resident back on the property. The Council told Barber since his property had already been established as a trailer residence, he would have no problem.  The Climax Building Codes are being enforced by the Decatur County Enforcement Office as of Sept. 1, 2014.

Mayor Hadsock asked for a report on the Little Park. Councilperson Sandra Thomas stated that they were in the discussion stage, getting prices and waiting for it to get a little cooler before starting the project work.

The city is still in discussion with the DOT to repeal the 65 miles per hour speed limit within the city limits. There have been no accidents since the speed limit has increased; however, the former accidents reports will be forwarded to DOT along with a letter of explanation.

Mayor Hadsock announced the balance on the fire truck as being $52,000. He suggested that the City pay $22,000 on the truck by Sept. 9, 2014, and then $10,000 in Dec. 2014, then with the $10,000 already paid by Decatur County,

making for a total of $42,000 and leaving a balance of approximately $19,000.

A motion by Robert Jones, seconded by Vanessa Martin, carried unanimously to make this $22,000 payment.

Reporters note: A big thank you to City Clerk Karen Toole for her assistance and contribution to this article.