Uncle Bill’s hopes to offer Bainbridge something new

Published 7:34 pm Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The inside walls are covered with sports and music memorabilia. The floors are striped, varying in shades of stain color. There are arcade games in the back, along with a set of cornhole boards.

There’s even a hanging bicycle.

“I had one customer sum it up the other day. They said, ‘When I come in here, it takes me out of Bainbridge,’” said Mark Lane, owner of the newly opened Uncle Bill’s Pizzeria, “and that’s great. Some people are looking to just sit down and escape the day-to-day of what they’re doing, and I think with our atmosphere and our service and attention to detail makes it that place.”

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The family-owned-and-operated pizza joint, located at 112 West Shotwell Street, serves everything from wings and subs to calzones and pasta, and of course pizza.

The Lane family had been searching for a location to open a pizzeria in Bainbridge for about three years until the Shotwell location became available for rent.

“Bainbridge needed a good, sit-down pizza place, a place where you can bring your family, your kids, your grandma, and be comfortable in flip-flops or in a dress shirt. Somewhere you can drop off your 13-year-old and say, ‘I’ll be back in an hour; don’t leave’ kind of place,” Lane said. “That was our concept.”

The pizzeria doesn’t deliver, but its operators stress customer service and follow a “customers are never an interruption” philosophy.