A proper headstone for a Decatur County man

Published 8:03 pm Tuesday, September 2, 2014


n Aug. 28, 1856, John Rawlins Jones married Martha Ann Elizabeth Harrison and in the following years they had four children: Rudusca Ann, Thomas G. (Jake), Jonathan Robert (Dunk) and Matthew.

As the Civil war approached, Robert and his brother-in-law Samuel Hadley Harrison enlisted in Company A. 59th Georgia Volunteer Infantry as Privates of the CSA, June 16, 1862. Robert Rawlings Jones contracted pneumonia while serving in Virginia and died in a hospital in Richmond on March 8, 1863.

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He was buried there.

According to family members, after the war was over, Robert Rawlings Jones’ remains was retuned by his family to Climax by train and was interred in the Jones Family Cemetery on the Jones’ family farm. The grave had no marker for all these years.

The family noted that they did not have any permanent paper record that proved that Robert Rawlins was returned to Climax and was interred in the Jones Family cemetery.

Through the years, the paper work probably disappeared was the thought.

Therefore, the U.S. Government would not supply a headstone marker.

So this August, great grandchildren, some two greats and some three greats, placed a headstone marker at the grave site of their grandfather Robert Rawlings Jones in the family cemetery.

Placing the marker was Richard A. Ganey and wife, Joan S. Ganey from Tennessee, along with Jack Jones from Climax.

They send a special thank you to Anne Jones-Jenson and Pat Jones-Jackson for purchasing the headstone for Robert Rawlins Jones.