After 15 years, five resource officers now patrol schools

Published 1:12 am Wednesday, August 27, 2014

For more than a decade, Decatur County has had resource officers at its middle school and high school campuses.

These officers patrol the schools to make sure order is kept among the students and all school policies are being abided by.

Over those years, there has been one officer at Hutto Middle School, one officer at Bainbridge Middle School, and two officers at Bainbridge High School (BHS). As the students of BHS settle in to the new school year, they may notice many strict changes that have been made to the student code of conduct.

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Decatur County Board of Education saw it fit to make an addition to our team of resource officers in order to make sure the changes to the code of conduct are being enforced thoroughly.

For the first time in almost fifteen years, there are five resource officers patrolling Decatur County schools rather than four. We now have one officer at Hutto Middle, two officers at Bainbridge Middle, and two officers at BHS.

Officer Gary Hines serves as the newest officer at BHS. Hines, a transfer from Bainbridge Public Safety, said, “I try to be very observant of people coming on and off campus, making sure no illegal activity, substances, or weapons threaten the safety of BHS.”

Hines describes the duties of the officers very well. In addition to keeping the campuses safe, resource officers also attend school sporting events and control traffic before and after school.

The resource officers of Decatur County schools have been major contributors to keeping the learning environments safe and free of distractions. The teachers and students of BHS are appreciative of the work that they do.

They also welcome Officer Hines into the family of BHS students and faculty.