Climax City Council receives 2013 audit

Published 8:35 pm Tuesday, August 19, 2014

At the Aug. 11 Climax City Council meeting, Bruce Mann presented the 2013 Climax City audit. He stated that he did not find anything amiss and that the city was in good financial shape. Once again, there was a lack of segregation of duties due to not enough employees.

He explained the council compensates for this weakness in their accounting practices by reviewing the monthly financial reports, approving all disbursements, and unless an emergency arises, all disbursements meet budgeted guidelines. Checks presented for signature are accompanied by related invoices and reviewed for justification. The checks require dual signatures of the Mayor and the City Clerk, and both maintain awareness of all bank accounts and investments and are given periodic reports of all.

Craig Smith was present to discuss what would take place once the county becomes the City of Climax building code enforcer with the effect date of Sept. 1, 2014. He was available to answer any questions from the Citizens; however, none were present with questions.

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A motion by Councilman Robert Jones to adopt ordinance 40-100 and the Building Code enforcement passed unanimously after a second by Sandra Thomas.

Terry Cooper of South West Georgia Tumbling Academy was informed at the July council meeting that he had until July 18 to pay his back rent for the apace at the gym, his late fees and to sign a new contract. As of the August council meeting, Cooper has not paid the full amount due and has not signed the new contract.

A motion by councilwoman Elizabeth Phillips to start the procedure to have Cooper evicted carried three to one after a second by Robert Jones. Councilwoman Vanessa Martin abstained.

The hearing for former Police Chief Joel Jenkins was again postponed and moved from Thomasville to Albany.

Departmental Reports

Police Chief John Presilla was present to represent the Police department. Greg Toole of the maintenance department reported that he had repaired a few water leaks and VFD Chief Jeff Kelly reported that they had responded to six structural fires and a few wrecks.

New Business

City Clerk Karen Toole received permission from the council to rent a carpet cleaner to clean the carpet at City Hall.

The clerk also reported that the little park bank account had gone dormant due to non-activity. She said the bank would begin charging penalties on this account if some action wasn’t taken. Councilwoman Sandra Thomas requested that the council allow the park committee to use the money that is set aside for the Park in the SPLOST account so that they could finish this project. A motion by councilwoman Elizabeth Phillips seconded by councilwoman Sandra Thomas to approve $1,800 to finish the Park project passed three to one with Robert Jones abstaining.

With a motion and second, the regular council meeting was adjourned and the council entered into a closed executive meeting due to personnel reasons. After returning and opening the regular meeting, Mayor Charles Hadsock announced that no action was taken and no decision was made.

The council meeting was adjourned for the month of August.

Reporters note: A big thank you to City Clerk Karen Toole for her contribution and assistance with this article.