Letter to the editor

Published 9:26 pm Friday, August 15, 2014

The answer to this question is because it is the only right we have as American citizens, which seemingly will soon be taken away from us.

We should not complain about voting for leaders in Washington when actually voting on our own city leaders and thinking they will act upon what the residents would expect on local issues certainly does not hold true.

One may wonder why the turnout on voting days is so low in numbers. The answer I get from people is, “What’s the use?”

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Once a person is elected, they seem to go with the flow of decisions and not vote the way the people who put them in office would have them vote.

After the Bainbridge City Council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 5, several residents walked out saying the vote was already discussed and planned.

My thanks goes out to Roslyn Palmer and Luther Conyers for their concerns and comments on behalf of the residents, and actually voting against the increased millage rate along with Joe Sweet.

But guess what? For you citizens that were not in attendance at the meeting, this sounded good. But with the three remaining council members along with our mayor, who conveniently broke the tie, the increase was voted and passed.

All I can say is, when it’s time to vote again, just realize the elected leaders that enter the office may not represent the ones who voted them in.

A very special thanks to Mr. Jeff Findley, publisher of The Post-Searchlight, for his informative articles for the residents to understand more about our city and county government.

Diane P. Logue