BoE millage rate approved for new year

Published 7:44 pm Friday, July 25, 2014

The Decatur County Board of Commissioners approved Decatur County Board of Education millage rate at 15.99 mills Friday at a special called meeting.

The approval was unanimous, leaving the millage rate the same as it was for fiscal year 2014.

According to a resolution from the Board of Education, the millage rate “was determined on the property digest, as it existed at the time of the resolution. It is expressed wishes of the Board, in light of the fact that the final digest has not been submitted and approved by the State, that the Board be permitted to request an adjustment in the rate should a significant change in the property digest take place.”

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The millage rate for countywide maintenance and operation school tax and library tax is a tax of $15.99 per thousand valuations on all taxable property in Decatur County for the current year.

According to Decatur County’s tax levy report, the board certified the 15.99 millage rate is fixed and levied on all property subject to taxation in the county for the remainder of the year.