Golf is in the air this time of year

Published 9:14 pm Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This is the time of the year I want to go play golf more than anything else.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous in this part of the state right now. Aside from a few rainy days here and there, the sun is usually out and the temperature is nice and warm. Being on a golf course seems like the only natural place to spend my time. If not there, then in front of the TV watching the PGA Tour.

It reminds me of when I was growing up. My dad would watch golf every Sunday. Although I always enjoyed playing, watching it never caught on to me until I sat with my dad enough times on those Sunday afternoons for it to stick. He still watches the PGA Tour every Sunday. If I’m home, I’ll usually watch it with him.

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My yearning to get out and play starts in April with the Masters. It’s right when the weather is getting nice and the grass is emerald-green.

This year, watching Bubba Watson soar to the top for the second time in his career was a treat. I’m a UGA fan, so naturally, cheering for Bubba was like cheering for the Bulldogs.

Even while I was traveling the country last summer working for Baseball Youth Magazine, my coworkers and I were always searching for public driving ranges to get out and whack some balls. It’s an itch, and when it occurs, you got to satisfy it as soon as you can.

The Open Championship last weekend gave me a serious case of the bug, though. I was in my backyard chipping balls after it finished raining last Saturday. Rory McIlroy, the 25-year-old winner with a 71 score on the final day, was an interesting player to watch.

Apparently, his father made a bet when McIlroy was 16 that he’d win The Open Championship by the time he was 26. McIlroy senior is now more than $300,000 richer from the bet.

I wish I had been around to put money on that.