Nine entering autos reported Monday

Published 7:24 pm Friday, July 11, 2014

Bainbridge Public Safety received nine reports of entering auto early Monday morning.

Eight of the instances were reported in nearby residences and are likely related, said BPS investigator Captain Marcos Esquivel.

Most of the vehicle owners found nothing valuable missing from their vehicles, but one did report a missing USMC KA-BAR knife valued at $200.

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“Nine times out of 10, all the entering autos we get, the doors are left unlocked. One, a purse was left in the front seat,” Esquivel said. “They just walk by and check the door. If it’s unlocked, they go in, and if it’s locked, they go to the next one.”

BPS investigators received information from suspects apprehended in relation to a Broughton Street burglary.

“We arrested five or six people involved in the burglaries,” Esquivel said. “We received some information from those suspects about the entering autos, not enough to make an arrest but enough to pursue some leads, and we’re doing that.”

The initial incident was reported at a residence on East College Street around 4:45 a.m. BPS officers then patrolled the area, “searching and locating other vehicle(s) entered into in the area,” according to the incident report.

Some officers found partially open doors on vehicles that appeared to have been rummaged through.
Esquivel recommended Bainbridge residents conceal all valuables and lock vehicles.
Esquivel said, “It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you think you live in, crime is everywhere, so just be safe.”