Georgia wide receiver’s nerdy side in Star Wars fan film is refreshing to see

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One of my good friends recently posted a video link on Facebook. The title was “Chris Conley releases Star Wars fan film.”

I didn’t immediately make the connection that the Chris Conley in the title was Georgia’s rising-senior wide receiver Chris Conley. My brain just didn’t think the Bulldogs’ wide receiver would participate in a Star Wars fan film. Shouldn’t he be worrying about catching footballs, anyway?

But he does. He not only participates in it, he stars in it.

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The film takes place in Sanford Stadium and the Tate Center Plaza right next to it. Conley plays a bad guy, dressed from head to toe in black. Special effects are used on his eyes to give him a sinister look. He wields two glowing red lightsabers and fights a couple Jedi Knights across the football field.

Sounds corny, I know. It definitely is. But I couldn’t help but smile listening to the athlete spout out villainous dialogue. A couple other UGA football celebrities make guest appearances, too, including head coach Mark Richt and fullback Todd Gurley.

I got to give kudos to the makers of the short film for rounding up these busy football players to be a part of their feature.

From what I read, filming took place from the end of the 2013 season all the way through last week. I wouldn’t suspect Conley exactly has the time to get something like this made quickly. He was named offensive MVP at the end of spring practice last year and racked up 45 receptions and 651 receiving yards, topped off with four touchdowns. He could’ve done better in many situations, but he’s undoubtedly one of the Bulldogs’ most lethal offensive weapons going into the 2014 season.

He also is one of the football representatives at Georgia’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

I’m impressed with the breadth on Conley’s interests, and his ability to finish something he started. Now that he’s showed us his nerdy side, I’m ready to see his football side.

Just under two months until college football season.

Are you ready?