Decatur County Sheriff’s Office arrests up to July 7

Published 11:48 am Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Danny Lee Castel, 49, 912 North Simms Street, driving under the influence, open container

Walker Junior Conley, 34, 4676 Old 179 Road, Calvary, Georgia, probation violation o/c impersonating an officer, no bond

Shauna Renee Gatlin, 25, 8196 Georgia Highway 65, Camilla, driving under the influence, endangerment of child under 14

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Nathaniel Emanuel Griffin 29, 1414 Powell Street, possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes, aggravated assault, possession of arms by convicted felon, armed robbery, no bond

Jimmy Lee Mash Jr., 26, 1853 Antioch Church Road, probation violation o/c burglary, no bond

Gerald Lewis McCormick, 49, 4099 Marshall Street, Coolidge, Georgia, driving while license suspended, bench warrant o/c driving while license suspended, no bond

Robert Craig Merrifield, 42, 413 Stone Lane Drive, Nashville, Georgia, BUI/alcohol (boating), endangerment of child under 14, $1,300 bond *NOTE: Charges were later dropped.

Laquita Dashun Mitchell, 23, 721 Shannon Street, Tallahassee, Florida, reckless conduct, possession of marijuana, driving under influence

William Scott Nelson, 43, 105 9th Street, Havana, Florida, operating a vessel under the influence

Willie Frank Ousley, 59, 140 Willis Road, Attapulgus, driving under influence alcohol, driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to maintain lane