Bainbridge man charged with possession

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Bainbridge man was arrested Friday evening and charged with possession of cocaine. 

Adrian Moore, 22, was seen in what appeared to be an illegal drug transaction outside a Water Street residence, Investigator Chip Nix said.

Captain Marcos Esquivel saw Moore in the backseat of a vehicle outside of the residence.

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Upon approaching the vehicle, Moore appeared to be hiding something.

Moore revealed that there were two small bags of cocaine he had hidden where he was sitting in the vehicle.

According to the report from Bainbridge Public Safety, Captain Esquivel told Moore that if he cooperated, the driver and passenger would not be charged.

Moore said that the cocaine was his and the other two knew nothing about it.

A set of brass knuckles was also found on Moore’s person.