A dream of a No Kill Shelter

Published 12:16 pm Saturday, June 21, 2014

In 1984, a group of people had a dream. There were about a dozen of them — just folks like you and me. They imagined that they could create a better world for homeless dogs and cats. Amazingly, these folks gave up their jobs, their securities and their homes to create this better world.

Today, this group — Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah — has grown to become a 3,300 acre haven. But no longer just for dogs and cats. The sanctuary cares for birds, rabbits, horses, donkeys and even some wildlife. They help animals wherever animals are in trouble, across the USA and beyond.

A small group of us, Southern Paws Animal Sanctuary, Inc., want to create this same dream.

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It may be a long-shot, with a lot of building to do, but we have to start somewhere. We are starting in Bainbridge.

We live here & pay taxes here.

We pray here & send our kids to school here.

We have friends and family here.

Can I tell you about our dream? It’s to offer a “No Kill”sanctuary for cats and dogs that find themselves suddenly homeless. Mom goes to an assisted living facility, but can’t bring her cat Tiger. Your son or daughter gets shipped to Iraq, but can’t take Spot, the childhood companion. Aunt Peggy loses her job and can’t afford to care for her little dog Noodles any longer.

Now imagine that your family can’t help. For whatever reason. What happens to Tiger and Spot and Noodles? Southern Paws Animal Sanctuary.

Our plan is to be able to house up to 100 pets that need help.

First though, we need your help. Tiger, Spot and Noodles need your help.

Southern Paws is looking for a haven-a place to dream. We are looking for 2-5 acres of land, maybe with a building, to care for Bainbridge pets. Our 501 © 3 non-profit paperwork has been filed. What a perfect receipt that could be for your taxes.

Especially for an unused piece of property that may have been sitting on the Real Estate books for awhile.

If you can help please call: Jill 229 416 9604 or Sally 229 400 5610.