Climax announces Flag Day festivities, street drainage blocked at council meeting

Published 9:20 pm Friday, June 13, 2014

At the Monday night, June 9 meeting of the Climax City Council, standing committee reports were received.

Councilman Robert Jones in the Water and Garbage reported no comments. Councilwoman Vanessa Martin in Operation Revenue and Efficiency Improvements.

Streets and Roads with councilwoman Elizabeth Phillips reported Street drain blockage due to some leaves and other blockage because of fallen bricks into the ditch covering the drainpipe.

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In Parks and recreation, councilwoman Sandra Thomas reminded everyone that Saturday, June 14, was Flag Day and the time also for Climax to celebrate the occasion.

She said the program would begin at Parker Park downtown at 10 a.m. and refreshments would be served after the flag ceremony. All are encouraged to come to Flag Day.

Police Chief John Presilla reported that the Georgia Department of Public Safety excess property program meeting scheduled for June 6 went well.

Chief Presilla stated he was in the process of getting the technology sorted out for the computer so the city could go online to find out what is available and what the city can obtain.

The Chief also reported collecting around $5,000 in fines.

Maintenance man Greg Toole reported that the new “Mule” Utility vehicle and echo weed trimmer had been purchased per last month’s approval, and they were working wonderful.

He also gave an update on the status of the city tractor repairs. It is presently in the shop and being looked over.

He also reported that several things were needed to repair the zero turn lawn mower.

He said if anyone noticed the grass growing higher than usual, please be patient after repairs because he was getting the mowers going as soon as possible.

The Joel Jenkins and Amy Jenkins settlement case scheduled in June was again postponed. It is rescheduled for July 16.

Fire Chief Jeff Kelly gave the report for the Fire department. He said the department had several training sessions and the month had been relatively quiet.

Under New business, Mayor Charles Hadsock reported that after July 1, Decatur County is increasing the inmate fees from $10 per inmate, per day to $20 per inmate, per day.

Hadsock also announced that any medical treatment required by any Decatur County inmate incurred in the course of performing services pursuant to the agreement shall be the responsibility of the City of Climax, not to exceed $1,000.