A special pair of fathers in my life

Published 9:26 pm Friday, June 13, 2014

With Father’s Day coming up Sunday, I would like to talk about two men in my life who have been very special fathers.

The first is my dear late dad Bill Crine and the second is my dear brother Tom Crine. My dad is the one who instilled the love of sports in me. Some of the most enjoyable times I had while growing up in Keyport, New Jersey, was going into New York with my dad to see the New York Yankees, New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers play.

Dad, who was born in 1898, was older than most of my friends dads when I was growing up.

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He told me stories of seeing Hall of Fame Yankees slugging outfielder Babe Ruth and Yankees Hall of Fame first baseman Lou Gehrig play at Yankee Stadium.

Dad enjoyed all sports, but like me, baseball was by far his favorite. At Crine’s Drive In, Dad’s fast food establishment in Cairo, he always enjoyed helping young people. During the summer he enjoyed sending free ice cream to churches during their Vacation Bible Schools.

Dad was a faithful Catholic and my dear late mom Carrie Crine was a faithful Methodist. On Sunday, I would often go to the Catholic Church with my dad and my brother Tom in the morning and go to the Methodist Church with my mom and my grandmother Sunday night.

Turning to my brother Tom, the other special dad in my life, I had the honor and privilege of enjoying a very special event with him, his wonderful wife Cheryl and their wonderful family last Sunday in Atlanta.

My nephew Billy, his lovely wife Amelia, my lovely niece Jennifer and my nephew Matthew gave a 40th wedding anniversary party for my dear brother Tom and my dear lovely sister in law Cheryl.

Amelia did a great job of putting the whole wedding reception party together. It was truly a first class event. My family and I have been very close throughout the years.  They have always been there to support me.

The thing that warmed my heart most on Sunday was hearing my niece and nephews talk about all the special things their parents did for them through the years.

They talked about visiting many historic parts of the country with their parents during their youth and staying in a pop up camper. Also on Sunday I enjoyed seeing Jennifer’s son and my great nephew Samuel Lincoln “Linc” Roberts, and Billy and Amelia’s daughters and my great nieces Evangeline and Lola.

Tom and Cheryl always made it a point to make sure Uncle Joe was a part of their children’s lives when they were growing up and for that I am eternally grateful. The Lord has truly blessed me with a wonderful family. They are the greatest and I love them dearly.

The many kind and loving things they have done for me through the years are tremendously appreciated.  The many kind things they have done for me since by accident a little over a year ago were truly heart warming.