Practice safety during June for National Safety Month

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The month of June is popular for many things, especially weddings. But June is also National Safety Month, a four-week campaign by the National Safety Council to bring awareness to being safe, no matter what you’re doing.
Practicing safety sounds broad and seems vague, but National Safety Month has split the month into four weeks, each representing and spreading awareness for certain types of safety.
Week one is safety from prescription drug abuse. Someone getting their hands on dangerous prescription drugs, whether they are an abuser or a toddler accidentally finding the medicine cabinet, can have dangerous and even life threating results. Be aware and be responsible when handling dangerous drugs.
Week two is seven days dedicated to stopping slipping, tripping and falling. In other words, it’s important to look out for your body and watch where you’re walking. According to CBS News, every six minutes, a child falls down the stairs and is rushed to the hospital. Adults are vulnerable to falling, too. Help others when they need it to prevent falls from happening.
Spiraling from week two, week three is dedicated to being aware of your surroundings. Whether on the Flint River in a boat or walking on the square, be careful and stay alert to prevent any accidents.
The final week is for putting an end to distracted driving. It’s sometimes difficult to avoid using a cellphone or looking both ways at a stop sign when behind the wheel, but doing so saves lives.
Decatur County can become a little safer each day in June if residents work to make the community better. A thriving community not only needs, but depends on the safety of those who live there.

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