RECOUNT: Putnal beats Snell with 3 votes after recount

Published 9:58 pm Tuesday, May 27, 2014

While all primary election results for the May 2014 Primary were certified as official Friday, one race hung in the balance awaiting a recount until Tuesday.
In the race for Decatur County Commissioner District Four on the Republican ballot, Decatur County election officials held a recount Tuesday at 11 a.m. The recount confirmed the initial results last Tuesday to be valid.
In last week’s results, Republican candidate Joe Putnal beat Ted Snell by three votes. With a 19 percent voter turnout, Putnal got 192 votes compared to Snell’s 189.
Snell filed for a recount, as Georgia law allows them when there is less than one percent difference in results.
The results Tuesday during the recount showed identical results with Putnal winning the Republican ticket by three votes. Putnal will campaign against Democrat Rusty Davis for the District 4 seat during the general election in November.
“The outcome was the same as I expected it would be but I did ask for a recount,” Snell said after Tuesday’s new results. “I want to thank everyone who participated in the process. It’s just a shame that only 19 percent of the people who were eligible to vote in Decatur County took that privilege.”
Snell said he felt there was apathy galore in Decatur County, but said he thinks that will never change.
“I think we are on a downward turn in the United States as (apathy) is concerned and it’s a shame,” Snell said.
Chief Election Official in Decatur County Doris White said the process for the recount is simple and requires running the memory cards from poll boxes through the machines again.
“We actually run the memory cards again and we also scan the paper ballots that were mailed in,” White said. “Then we run the total.”
Snell said he congratulated his opponent, Putnal.
Putnal gave a statement regarding his win last Tuesday, saying he appreciated the support in District 4 and hopes to continue the success in the November election.
“With the continued support, I will work hard to represent the residents in District 4 the best I can,” Putnal said.

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