May 2014 Primary Election results

Published 9:04 pm Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Follow our election results live

Follow our election results live

Polling places in Decatur County saw low voter turnout Tuesday during the May Primary election, where voters decided that in January half of the Decatur County Commission will turnover to new representation.
Decatur County Commission incumbents Jan Godwin of District 1 and Oliver Sellers of District 6 were both defeated.
Both Decatur County Board of Education incumbents running for office — Dr. Sydney Cochran of District 4 and Jacky Grubbs of District 6 — claimed victory.
In state races, U.S. Senate Republican candidates David Perdue and Jack Kingston will likely head into a runoff July 22 and the winner will eventually face Democrat Michelle Nunn in November. Incumbent Republican Nathan Deal will campaign against Democrat Jason Carter for governor in November. Deal won the Decatur County vote with 72.3 percent of the votes.
SPLOST VI in Decatur County passed. Slightly more than 61 percent of voters in Decatur County voted yes (1,490 votes) while 38.8 percent voted no (947 votes.)
For District 1 of the Decatur County Commission race, George Anderson won, taking 53 percent the votes of district against incumbent Jan Godwin and opponent Charles Fitzgerald. Anderson will not have a Republican opponent in the November election.
“Its time to get to work and its time to make a difference,” Anderson said. “I appreciate the voters in District 1 and I plan to be the best county commissioner District 1 has ever had.”
Godwin said she would likely not run again after her defeat Tuesday.
“I thought there would probably be a runoff but its good for George Anderson that he got a good, clear 53 percent,” Godwin said. “I was fortunate to be appointed last year and it has been a good learning experience and I have enjoyed it and I became a certified county commissioner last month and I have learned more than I thought I would. But I lost my job at the hospital a few months ago. So I am looking for a job and I may have to go out of town.”
Anderson had 143 votes, Fitzgerald had 49 and Godwin had 76.
In the District 4 County Commission race, Rusty Davis ran uncontested on the Democratic ticket.
Candidates on the Republican ticket, Joe Putnal and Ted Snell, will likely have a recount in their race. Putnal had the slight lead with 192 votes and Snell had 189.
Snell said he would congratulate Putnall if he were declared the winner after a recount, but said as of Tuesday night, there was only a difference of three votes.
Putnall said he appreciated his voters for the win.
“I appreciate the support in District 4 and I hope to continue the success in the November election,” Putnall said. “With the continued support, I will work hard to represent the residents in District 4 the best I can.”
Incumbent Oliver Sellers in District 6 lost by 97 votes to Pete Stephens, who got 63 percent of the vote.
Sellers said the race is what it is, but he will return to run again in future elections.
“It is what it is,” Sellers said. “I’ll just look to the next time, I plan to run again in four years.”
Stephens said he appreciated his voters for the win.
“Thanks to all of Decatur County for the belief and support,” Stephens said “I will do everything in my power to prove that I earned their votes.”
In the race for Decatur County School Board, Keith Lyle ran uncontested in District 2.
In the school board race for District 4, incumbent Dr. Sydney Cochran collected 67 percent of the votes and opponent John McRae collected 32.7 percent.
Cochran said he was thrilled to begin another term working for the schools along with new board member Lyle.
“I appreciated all those folks that voted for me and I am looking forward to four more years of hard work and trying to make our school system better,” Cochran said.
Incumbent Jacky Grubbs beat opponent Marvin Thomas in the race for District 6 of the school board by 217 votes.
Thomas said he would call and congratulate his opponent Wednesday and said he appreciated the support he was given.
“I would like to thank all those who went out to vote and supported me,” Thomas said.
In a tight race, incumbent solicitor general Ben Kirbo beat Paul Fryer on the Democratic ticket by 2.4 percent (30 votes.) Kirbo will run against Republican candidate Ryan Cleveland in November.
Fryer said he would call and congratulate Kirbo on his win Tuesday.
“I think it was close and I learned a lot and met a lot of good people and I’m happy that it went smoothly,” Fryer said. “I have no regrets about anything. I congratulate Mr. Kirbo and wish him the best in November.”
Incumbent state representatives for Decatur County were all reelected. Those candidates reelected include state senator for District 11 Dean Burke, state representative for house seat 171 Jay Powell and state representative for house seat 173 Darlene Taylor. Powell and Burke ran uncontested, while Taylor beat Republican candidate Don Clark by 3.8 percent.

Jeff Findley, contributed to this article.

The following are voting totals for precincts across Decatur County. The numbers are not final, but are being updated as numbers come in.

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Solicitor general:

  • Democratic ballot:

Paul Fryer 606
Ben Kirbo (incumbent) 636

  • Republican ballot:

Ryan Cleveland 846

County Commission District 1:

  • Democratic ballot:

George Anderson 143
Charles Fitzgerald 49
Jan Godwin (incumbent) 76

County Commission District 4:

  • Democratic ballot:

Thomas R. Rusty Davis 175

  • Republican ballot:

Joe Putnal 192
Edward “Ted” Snell 189

County Commission District 6

  • Democratic ballot:

Oliver Sellers (incumbent) 138
William “Pete” Stephens 253

The following are non-partisan races:

Decatur County Board of Education District 2:
Keith Lyle 355

Decatur County Board of Education District 4:
J. Sydney Cochran (incumbent) 418
John Henry McRae 204

Decatur County Board of Education District 6:
Jacky L. Grubbs (incumbent) 354
Marvin Van Thomas 137

Town of Brinson Post 4:
Tina L. Easterwood 10
Hardy Powell 61

Yes 1,115
No 703