Congratulations to the school system for a wonderful year

Published 11:38 pm Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Now that the school year has come to an end, it’s time to look back and realize what an amazing year it has been.
From all the teachers in Decatur County schools who work hard to ensure the success of their young students, to the Decatur County Board of Education and everyone in between, your commitment to this school system is the reason it continues to flourish.
Parents who stay involved in their children’s academic and extracurricular activities have done an incredible job of supporting the school system too. The key to a successful education begins in the home, and your students couldn’t do it without you.
Last but not the least, congratulations to all the students who have made it through another school year. Whether you’re a kindergartener just entering the school system or a senior graduating, the life you have brought to Decatur County schools this year is unforgettable.
It’s fun to look back and reminisce this time of year, but as a community, we can start looking ahead to next year’s exciting possibilities.
Next fall, the new Jones-Wheat Elementary School will be opening on Shotwell Street, giving students a brand new environment to learn and grow. Athletics have had incredible results this year, but next year will undoubtedly be even better. The potential is infinite, for Decatur County and all its students.

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