Vote yes for SPLOST VI, keep good things going

Published 8:27 pm Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Americans are burdened enough with taxes, why implement any new ones?
The great thing about SPLOST VI that area residents are missing when it comes to deciding yes or no on their ballots this May, is that SPLOST is not a new tax. This will be its 25th year in existence in Decatur County — its 25th year taking the burden off of the property owners who pay a hefty amount of local taxes already.
This local option sales tax will help fund capital projects like maintaining roads and bridges and helping renovate the schools. The Earle May Boat Basin and new recreation fields were capital projects, built with the help of SPLOST funds.
This is no new tax, but voting yes would extend the tax another six years.
While many in the community are hesitant to approve any sort of tax, even ones like SPLOST that would provide much needed funds to the city of Bainbridge, Decatur County and Memorial Hospital and Manor, voters should know this is the least invasive sort of tax that will fairly tax all who shop in Bainbridge and Decatur County. Unlike local property taxes that only collect from those in the area that own land, 100 percent of the community will contribute towards the funding of capital improvements with sales taxes.
All out-of-town visitors who purchase gas while traveling on to their destination will contribute to local projects as well.
The collection of the tax for the last 25 years has greatly impacted the area in a positive way, making a way for huge improvements in infrastructure to be made.
All city council members and county commissioners alike support the passage of SPLOST VI, as well as The Post-Searchlight.

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