Decatur County library has new best sellers on the shelves

Published 7:44 am Saturday, May 10, 2014

Come to the library to find the latest crop of spring titles. “Field of Prey” by John Sanford is the latest Lucas Davenport Series book. In it Davenport, the lead investigator for Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, is called in on a strange case in Red Wing, Minnesota, where someone has been torturing and killing women for decades, and is only now being discovered. Davenport has to work with local authority, Catrin Mattins, who doesn’t want to give up any of her territory investigating this crime.
The question in the back of every reader’s mind is if she will become a victim to this serial killer in the process. To find out, check out this summer page turner.
From bestselling author John Sanford. “Unlucky 13”, a Women’s Murder Club book just published by the fabulous James Patterson, and co-author Maxine Paetro is about San Francisco detective Lindsey Boxer’s search for the truth about a bizarre discovery.
Body parts are discovered in a wreck that led investigators to believe the people had swallowed bombs.
The trail leads the Women’s Murder Club to Mackie Morales, the worst villain they have encountered. Will she double back and get to them before they get to her? You won’t be able to put this fine summer read down until you get to the conclusion.
Finally, take a look at “Walking on Water,” the fifth in the much beloved Walk series by Richard Evans. Alan Christoffersen ends his cross-country walk to the tip of Florida.
The man has lost everything — his wife, home, business and has made a trek across America from Seattle to Key West.
He encounters various people along the way who seem to try to recruit them to their way of living from sexy ladies to drunks to the far religious right. In this book, Alan returns to his boyhood home to tend his father.
He learns of family history heretofore unknown to him creating new turmoil and comes to realize the importance of knowledge.  As always, Evens writes an inspiring and uplifting story to read.
For these books and many more new books contact the Decatur County – Gilbert H. Gragg Library.
which is located at 301 S. Monroe Street.

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