Parents needed to help close the gap in schools

Published 10:38 pm Tuesday, May 6, 2014

There is one thing Decatur County Schools are doing to rise above the rest and that is a focus on parent involvement.
One thing we can take pride in about our community is our school system’s dedication to helping parents understand about new methods for testing, helping them learn about new opportunities for their children in the school system and bring parents on board as volunteers.
Recently the state released CCRPI scores for all school systems — scores that show career readiness through a data index. This scoring system takes different pieces of data in the school systems and factors them to create one score out of 100 points. Decatur County Schools did well in the scoring, but administrators and school leaders hope to do even better.
It is important that, as complicated as these new scoring systems are, parents take an interest in how our schools compared to others around us.
One thing the state is measuring is the achievement gap in all of our schools. This achievement gap shows the gap from the highest performing student to the lowest performing student. The schools are trying to bring the lowest performing students closer to those over achievers, or even average achievers.
This will be no easy task for Decatur County Schools, but parents should work just as hard at home to close this gap as our teachers and administrators work on this as well. The success of our schools lies in the hands of our parents.

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