Thanks to elected officials

Published 5:10 pm Friday, May 2, 2014

Not many residents knew what to expect when they turned out for a community meeting between elected city of Bainbridge Council members and Decatur County Commissioners.
But one thing is for sure, the event went positively and was upbeat throughout the length of the meeting that lasted more than an hour and half with the help of Bainbridge State College President Dr. Richard Carvajal.
While the city and county could have used the mutual meeting at the Kirbo Center Tuesday to bicker and rehash old arguments, Carvajal created a drafted agenda that led the two entities to come together as one in creating a government council.
The two parties voted unanimously in favor of this newly formed council meeting quarterly, rotating chairmanship between the two entities and including smaller municipalities like Attapulgus, Brinson and Climax.
The fact that there was a quorum represented from the county and city shows that there is great desire from within the two entities to move forward and for the disagreements to end. The large turnout from the community, shows residents too, are jaded and tired from the city-county bickering, non-communication and lack of cooperation.
Thank you Dr. Carvajal for presenting an option that will mend relationships and thank you to our elected officials who were willing to put aside differences and sign into an agreement to meet regularly.

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