Community-wide flea market sets up booths in Climax

Published 10:06 pm Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fleas at the Chitlin Barn

A first for Climax is a flea market at the Chitlin Barn on the Swine Time grounds.
While Climax hasn’t stopped or given up on the pork aspect or Swine Time at all, the fleas are coming for a visit.
Saturday, May 3, the Climax Community Club will sponsor a community wide flea market beginning at 8:00 AM until.
The size of booths for vendors is 20-by-40 and parking space for automobiles is behind the booths. Price for a space this size is $20.00.
No reservation is necessary just come and set up your booth.
Other than Swine Time, there has never been and event this large, and never on the Swine Time grounds, according to Chip Wray member of the Climax Community Club and the Swine Time Festival committee. “We are looking for a nice crowd and hope everyone has a fun day,” He said. Wray also said there is supposed to be one of a kind items and unusual items for sale by vendors. Since Swine Time is a fall event, club members thought it would be nice to have something in the spring, to get folks out to enjoy the nice warmer weather we hope, and have a visit with friends and neighbors. For more information one may call Donnis at 254-1035.


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The Climax community extends heartfelt sympathy to the family of Ann Bearden Salter during their time of loss. Ann was a graduate of Climax High School, and many remember her as a sweet girl with a teenage sweetheart by the name of Joe. Prayers are with Joe and their children and grandchildren during this time of sorrow.
Another graduate of Climax High School Oline Miller Reynolds passed away and her family is also remembered in prayer.
She was also a graduate of Berry College, and came back to teach school in South Georgia.
Many will remember her Mother, Mrs. L.O. Miller teaching them English and Literature in high school.