Climax City Council invited to Head Start Program

Published 10:06 pm Tuesday, April 29, 2014

At the regular Climax City Council meeting Monday, April 14, the council heard from several representatives on behalf of Coasten & South and 2Much Ent.
The group told the council that they were there to invite the city of Climax to be a part of one of the biggest events in South Georgia‘s history, a fundraiser for the Head Start Program and the uplifting and restoration of the parks in the local area.
The fundraiser was explained as being a way to help the school as well as give an economic boost to the City of Climax and the surrounding towns. According to the company reps, they would showcase a daylong event with shows such as the top 20 DJ’s in the surrounding areas for the biggest
DJ competition ever, Dance team competition, archery competition, Pie bake off, hot dogs and hamburgers for the children and etc. The show date for the event was set for May 24, 2014.
20% of the proceeds would go to Head Start, 20% would go to the restoration of the city parks, and the remaining would be used by Coasten & South company. It should be stated that Coasten & Company is not affiliated with Head Start
After some discussion, the council decided that the entertainment company could try a fundraiser with Coasten & South being responsible for all expenses and liabilities, while leaving the city of Climax free from any responsibilities. However, several felt the time was mighty short to get a lot accomplished by the 24 of May. A location or place in Climax to hold the competition was not decided upon.
Under departmental reports, Chief John Presilla reported $6,265.collected in fines, and he also requested a new set of tires for the police car, costing around $516. The council voted to purchase the new tires.
Maintenance: Greg Toole reported that the maintenance have started scraping the roads in the city, also beginning to start working on the grass.
Fire department; Fire Chief Jeff Kelly reported that the fire dept. had a relatively quiet month with only a tire blowing out on the truck and having to replace that.
Corene Green and Letha Jackson lease the gym for Church services. It has been rented only on a pay as you use period it could not be reserved unless paid for. The group was requesting that the building not be rented to anyone even though she hadn’t reserved it in advance only as she needed to use it, and the key could not be held it has to be turned in. If the building is reserved and paid for in advance then it is available to the group.
The regular council meeting was closed after a motion and second to enter an executive meeting. After reopening the regular meeting, Mayor Charles Hadsock announced that Sandra Thomas had resigned from the office of assistant city clerk as she is now a member of the council. A motion and second passed unanimously to hire Megan Lashley to fill in as assistant city clerk when needed at a salary of $8.00 per hour.

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