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Published 9:16 pm Friday, April 25, 2014

They say my generation clung to novels and series like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and books where children were oddly abused like The Series of Unfortunate Events, because my generation was one that went through so much parental divorce. Apparently the story of a boy named Harry, who is abused by his adoptive parents but then learns he has magical powers and can escape, is what many children going through tough family situations hoped for — that they could escape their tough family lives.
These are not necessarily my views, but ones I have heard. Many of my friends grew up in broken homes and were perfectly fine.
While I am blessed to say I grew up in a home with a mother and father and no fighting, just about every Disney movie from the 1990s I can list had a plot where children only had one parent, or no parents at all.
The 1990s were an interesting time.
But two weeks ago, I witnessed a different kind of divorce. It was the divorce between the Bainbridge city government and Decatur County.
Sadly I have watched the two government bodies bicker here and there, but two Tuesdays ago at the city council meeting when the city voted to leave the Decatur County landfill, it was as if one parent left the household.
We could talk all day about the logistics of the landfill and what option would have saved the city more money, but the real issue is that the city and county are not friends right now when they could be.
I am interested to see what takes place at this specially called meeting Tuesday, where elected officials from both bodies are invited to come and work out some problems.
I was happy to learn there will be a moderator.
Should I bring popcorn?
Hopefully not — hopefully this meeting will be civil.
My prayer for this city moving forward is that our elected officials have the ability to check their luggage, frustrations, pride and egos at the door and really work this thing out.
Come on mom and dad — we don’t want to have Christmas at two different houses.

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