Bubba the bulldog is on the top

Published 9:36 pm Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Green was everywhere last weekend, but black and red ruled the golf world at the end of the day. For the second time in three years, a University of Georgia graduate won the Masters tournament in Augusta.
Bubba Watson sat at eight-under for the tournament, three strokes ahead of a couple second-placers when he walked up to his final putt on the eighteenth hole at Augusta National. That’s pretty amazing.
As a Bulldog fan, nothing is more pleasing than to see UGA graduates succeeding and achieving wonders like Watson has. He’s the seventh player whose first two major wins have come at the Masters. This year was his sixth appearance at the tournament. Only eight other players have won the Masters in such a short amount of time, among them Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jack Nicklaus. I’m not a numbers guy, but those are pretty hard to ignore.
What makes his win even more savory for fans is how great of a guy he is. He lives the life and makes sure to have a blast wherever he goes. His wife, Angie, and son, Caleb (who they adopted in March 2013), are the two most important things in his life. After he sank his final putt Sunday, he picked Caleb up and didn’t put him down until he had to walk into the clubhouse for his interviews. The curious look on the baby’s face as thousands of people cheered and high-fived his dad was priceless.
Now that he’s won his second Masters, I’m expecting to see a flux of “Bubba-licious” stuff. Merchandise, gear, video games, maybe even wigs of his long hair. Rickie Fowler has got nothing on Watson’s puffy visor headpiece, though he might wear brighter colors.
The absence of Tiger Woods saw lower ratings this year, but Watson’s win is exciting enough to make up for it.

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