Bainbridge and Decatur County need sunshine

Published 9:32 pm Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dear editor,

Your article was wonderful. I don’t know how many people will read it, and that is more the pity. I have written about the apathy here in town before and it just seems to go by the way of everything — in the bottom of the bird cage.
Let’s take the so called “retreat” that the city council members treat themselves to every year. Why are they going out of town to hold these meetings? We’re trying to bring business to Bainbridge, not take it away from Bainbridge. We have some beautiful new motels and a lovely bed and breakfast right here in the city. We have some of the finest dining in the area right here at home. OK, now the bottom line, once again, how much did this extravaganza cost the tax payer?
Tell me about this hideous piece of rock behind the new City Hall. What did that cost the tax payer? I would certainly think that a couple of roads could be upgraded from the pot holes we tax payers have to travel over everyday.
It’s nice to have a nice downtown and it certainly might help the few businesses down there but what about the people who don’t live and work downtown? Bainbridge has one of the highest poverty levels in the state and where are we going to get the money from these people who we’re trying to feed and house?
My biggest concern is, and the concern of many I have talked to, is the fact that we are top heavy in our city and county governments. Do the people have any idea how much money is being expended on double salaries, double buildings and double everything? I think it is time we have one commission.
A million dollars is nothing to sneeze at and it should certainly cut down on the infighting between two commissions who should have the tax payers in mind.
Bainbridge and Decatur County need open records and sunshine. We need it in our meetings and in the press.

Barbara P. Snell

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