Southern Paws Animal Sanctuary and Human Society separate entities

Published 12:09 am Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It has come to our attention that some are under the impression that the newly organized Southern Paws Animal Sanctuary is affiliated with the Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society, Inc.
While each group is dedicated to the humane treatment of animals, placing adoptable animals in loving homes, and strongly advocating spay/neuter as the only way to decrease the overpopulation of unwanted animals, we are two separate organizations.
Both entities appreciate the generosity of our supporters.  Donations to the Humane Society or to the Sanctuary are used solely for the purposes of that organization and are not shared with the other.
All fundraisers and events held for or sponsored by the Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society, Inc., a 501(c)3, are advertised as such.  We are deeply grateful to the many individuals, organizations and businesses that support us in our mission of helping the helpless.

The Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society, Inc. Executive Board
President Carol Lewis        Secretary Natalie Kirbo
Vice President Debbie Cothren    Treasurer Marjean Boyd

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