Albany man sentenced for trafficking cocaine to Bainbridge and surrounding communities

Published 8:25 pm Friday, March 21, 2014

A resident of Leary was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in federal prison in a case of conspiracy to distribute millions of dollars in cocaine to South Georgia.
Bainbridge Public Safety Deputy Director Frank Green and a team of investigators led the charge in investigating and arresting Bobby Charles Taylor, also known as “Big Fifty.”
“BPS as a whole worked the case,” Green said. “Taylor was originally from Albany, but he was responsible for cocaine being brought into Bainbridge.”
Green said Taylor was moving the cocaine from Atlanta to Bainbridge and surrounding communities.
Taylor, 38, was convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine on Sept. 5, 2013. During his testimony at the trial, it was revealed he was part of a larger ring of cocaine distributors that Green and other investigators in the area have been tracking down for years.
Taylor’s organization was responsible for the distribution of more than 750 kilograms of cocaine.
Taylor will not receive any options for parole; those convicted and sentenced to federal prison are required to serve their full sentence.
“We’re very satisfied with the sentence and the case with federal court,” Green said. “Thirty years is a good sentence for someone responsible for distributing more than 750 kilos of cocaine to South Georgia.”
The sentence was handed down by Judge W. Lewis Sands in Albany.

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