Why you may see workers working on power lines in Bainbridge

Published 12:38 am Saturday, March 15, 2014

Georgia Power

Bainbridge and Decatur County residents will see a lot of power line workers in coming months inspecting area power lines. — Powell Cobb

If you see hosts of men climbing and digging around electric poles over the next few weeks, don’t be alarmed. They are contractors hired by Georgia Power to inspect the electric system throughout Bainbridge and Decatur County.
The process, run by a utility company named Osmose, involves treating, digging and possibly replacing electric poles in the area.
“Its due diligence on our part to make sure our equipment is in the best, safest way it can be,” Georgia Power area manager Joe Truhett said. “We do this for the safety of the public as well as the reliability of our system for our customers.”
Truhett said inspections on this scale are done every 10 years and will last up to two months. If a pole needs to be replaced, it could take up to 18 months. In Truhett’s eight-county area, over 29,000 poles will be individually inspected.
Osmose contractors will begin in the east toward Boston and work their way toward Decatur County. Local residents should expect to see workers on the sides of the roads in two to three weeks.
Truhett warned residents to be careful and respectful of the contractors and the job they have.
“Be aware that they’re out there,” he said. “They’re here to do us a service and help maintain the reliability of our electric system.”
If electric poles are located on private property, Truhett said their intent isn’t to intrude without asking first.
“Our intent is not to go into anybody’s yard without letting them know and getting their permission,” Truhett said. “We certainly aren’t going to climb over any fences. But if someone is not home and there is a pole accessible to these inspectors, then they’ll go ahead and inspect it.”
The busiest area Osmose contractors will be working is Shotwell Street, but Truhett said Bainbridge Public Safety would help direct traffic if the need arises.
For more information, call Truhett at (229) 248-4401.

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