Climax votes to spend SPLOST on fire truck, equipment

Published 1:00 am Saturday, March 15, 2014

Monday March 10, the Climax City Council discussed whether or not they would use SPLOST funds to pay for equipment.
They discussed whether to retire some of the debt on the new Climax VFD fire truck and police tag reader using part of the SPLOST V monies by June 2014, without depleting the SPLOST account, or if they should use some of SPLOST V to finance a couple of new projects. Motions were made and votes were taken with Mayor Charles Hadsock breaking two ties.
A motion made by council woman Sandra Thomas to use some of the SPLOST funds to finance a covered picnic area with tables for the Children’s Little Park failed after Climax Mayor Charles Hadsock’s vote broke the tie in opposition to the motion. Another motion by Thomas to finance seamless gutters on the roof of Climax City Hall with the same monies also failed with a tie breaking vote by Hadsock in opposition.
Hadsock stated the monies were needed and would be better used at the present time to retire more debt on the fire truck and tag reader. He said  he felt these projects should be delayed but in the future could be revisited.
Councilman Bob Jones said he understood the Children’s Park committee was responsible for the finances of renovating the park and this included any new projects.
Council woman Thomas agreed, but stated it would be helpful if the council helped with the $2,000 in funds needed for finishing the work — especially a picnic area. Thomas said she understood the council’s feelings about reducing the debt, but noted the high usage of the park by families and children.
City Clerk Karen reminded the council they could not leave a recommendation without some type of action.
So Councilman Bob Jones made a motion to use $36,000.00 from SPLOST V to retire as much of the debt on the fire truck as possible, and to pay as much as possible on the tag reader. The vote passed three to one with Thomas voting in favor and Councilwoman Elizabeth Phillips abstaining. Councilwoman Martin said she would like to see the other project explored further, but at the present time felt the debt needed to be reduced.
According to the Mayor the tag reader would have a remaining balance in January 2015 of $12,000 to $13,000. The mayor said he would like to see all this paid off before the city got into SPLOST VI.

Old business
The proposed location in Parker Park for the Bell Dixon School Sign has been marked with a stake at the curve in the sidewalk adjacent to the Gazebo. The Bell Dixon School Committee will be responsible for the structure and mounting of the sign at no cost to the City of Climax.
The Joel Jenkins/Amy Jenkins workman compensation settlement case scheduled for February 2014 was postponed. The case was re-scheduled for May 14.

New Business
Council women Sandra Thomas and Elizabeth Phillips will attend the newly elected official’s course in Tifton, Ga. on March 14-15 2014.

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climax Police report
Police chief John Presilla reported he had several calls about roaming dogs. He reminded residents the town has a leash law so to keep their dogs under control.  Presilla also reported collecting fine and fees for the month of $6,952.00.

climax Fire Department
Craig Josey reported there had been several brush fires with the spring burning.