Bearcat football players focus on lifting, proper diet for 2014 season

Published 7:30 pm Friday, March 7, 2014


Football coach Jeff Littleton talks to his players about the importance of putting in hard work both in the weight room and on the field.

The season never ends.
The Bearcat football team finished 5-6 last year, losing in the first round of the GHSA 5A playoffs to Ware County 49-7 last November.
The number one plan on head coach Jeff Littleton’s list for 2014 is three words long: bigger, faster and stronger.
That’s exactly the mentality Littleton is instilling in the program. Since January, he has had his players in the weight room, grinding through squats, power cleans and other exercises to build mass and help them get bigger. Taking on the 2014 season with more muscle and size will help them find success.
In addition, he’s seeing that the football team is being fed enough to help them grow.
“We’re feeding them protein shakes, peanut butter sandwiches every day,” Littleton said.
Despite the majority of players returning with experience under their belt, last November Littleton said the team needs to find depth.
“We have two small classes coming up with the juniors and seniors,” he said last November.
The team is currently in the Bainbridge High School weight room almost every day each week. They are on a split that includes core workouts and compound movements that will help the team grow in size and strength for next season.
Bainbridge’s first contest of 2014 is a scrimmage against Cairo Aug. 15, followed by a scrimmage against Pelham a week later. The official season starts Aug. 29 against Early County.
Littleton works hard to motivate his players, making connections between the work they put in the weight room and the work they put in on the field.
“If you give up in here, if you don’t push yourself, you’ll do the same thing on the football field,” Littleton said to his players.

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