Basketball has had some amazing moments, but last night was best

Published 10:35 am Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I don’t watch basketball often. Maybe once a week I’ll turn on the television and catch the tail end of an NBA game. Before work in the mornings I’ll watch highlights on SportsCenter.
I do, however, love watching the Bainbridge Bearcats play. Going to their games and cheering for them has been a tremendous pleasure this season.
However, once again, LeBron James has caught my attention, along with the attention of everyone else in the world.
Last night against the Charlotte Bobcats, James poured in 61 points, his all-time highest. The only thing better to come of the season so far was Carmelo Anthony scoring 62 points, which also happened to be against the Charlotte Bobcats. Ouch, that’s a little demoralizing.
James’ already famous quote from after the game was, “It felt like I had a golf ball, throwing it in the ocean,” he said.
Every shot James got off looked so seamless, easy and accurate. By the end of the third quarter, the man had 49 points. He’s a freak of nature, to say the least.
This brings into question the standings for the MVP race. Many people will jump on board with Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant, arguing that his 31.6 points per game average is the most solid performance of the season (so far).
Anybody else who even wants to be considered would have to step up their game exponentially, or they might as well hand the MVP title to Durant.
LeBron James just made his statement about the MVP title Monday night. He has shown he isn’t ready to give up the race yet.
Whether you’re a LeBron fanatic or scrutinize and insult every move he makes, 61 points in a game is nothing to scoff at. He also did it without the help of his teammate Dwayne Wade.
This begs the question: is James harder, better, faster and stronger when he’s flying solo? Or is that mask he’s been wearing giving him so crazy benefits no one knows about?
Case in point: the MVP race isn’t over, and if it was, the chances are high the title would go to The King.
Perhaps one day a Bearcat will be competing for the MVP title. Everyone in Decatur County would be cheering for that one.

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