Storm damages property in Climax

Published 8:31 pm Friday, February 21, 2014

The early morning storms passing through Decatur County did some damage around Climax. Several residents reported trees had fallen down and then there was the home of Tony and Louise Williamson on Lake Douglas Ext. near Climax.
Williamson is an invalid and has many health problems, but said he did not hear the storm early Friday morning.
His wife Louise made the same comment. It seemed they both slept through the heavy rain and bad wind around their home.
Louise said when she got up to prepare breakfast, she looked out her kitchen window and saw the top of one of their storage buildings in her front yard. Upon further examination she found the back yard full of tin and lumber. The storm had completely destroyed one storage building and badly damaged another where some farm animals were housed.
“The animals were fine, but one new Mama goat was terrible nervous when we checked on her,” Louise said. Can’t you imagine a new Mother and trying to protect your baby in a blinding rain and then the wind? A horrible situation for a new mother.
Debris was scattered all around the Williamson’s home, but they both said they were so thankful they were safe and protected, and no bad damage was done to the house. However, the back door did have some damage, and the remainder of the roof will have to be checked, they said.

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