BSC keeps molding minds

Published 10:38 am Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The inaugural Bainbridge State College Arts and Lecture Series brought former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to the campus Tuesday and brought many residents together for a reason Carter himself said was what colleges and secondary learning institutions are all about.
Carter spoke about his experiences in college. Going to ABAC in Tifton, he said his mind was challenged to think in new ways.
While it was wonderful to listen to Carter speak about his presidency and tell stories from the past, the real beauty of the night was that the event served as a chance for those attending Bainbridge State College to expand their minds and perhaps shape their perspective on the world slightly differently. Though down to Earth is one o f his characteristics, Carter has accomplished many things and has seen a great deal in his lifetime.
But even as far out of reach as he may seem, Carter said when he does humanitarian work, he always learns that those in poverty are just as smart as he is, have the same values he does and they are wonderful people to be around. In that same way Carter said he loves to mingle with those from different worlds, it will have been a historically beneficial night for those that attend the college to hear Mr. Carter — someone from a different world — and learn he is not really that different after all.
We applaud the college for continuing the push the limit and invest in the students at Bainbridge State through exhausting efforts.

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