Good samaritans show kindness to stranger in Bainbridge store

Published 7:21 pm Friday, February 14, 2014

Dear editor,
Something wonderful happened in my life today and I wanted to share it with you.
As I was finishing up using the self-check out register at one of the local grocery stores, I engaged in conversation with the woman waiting in line behind me concerning one of the items I was purchasing.
It was a very pleasant conversation, which ended and I gathered up my purchases and headed to my vehicle. Just as I was beginning to place my purchases into my vehicle a young woman came rushing up to me saying, “You left your money! A lady is trying to catch up with you to give it to you, so I ran ahead to catch you.”  At first, I was stunned and did not even really process what the young woman was saying.  Then it dawned on me that after using the cash back option, I totally forgot to get the cash.
I hugged the young lady, thanked her and thanked God. Very shortly, the other lady was there handing me the cash.  I hugged her as well thanking her and thanking God some more.  What an incredible statement these two ladies made with their lives and their kindnesses to me.
I did not get their names, but will never forget either of them.

Roberta Dryden
Decatur County

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