Black History Month is an important time

Published 9:16 pm Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Black History Month is an important time every year for the country to show its support of the African American community and all the heroes that have pushed for equal rights throughout history.
Leaders and heroes such as Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr., proved to the world that the African American community deserved equal opportunity in every aspect of the word. They represented the greatness America could become and created the path for everyone to follow down.
Decatur County and Bainbridge have just as much black history as anywhere else in the country. Civil rights were fought for and won in this community, and it’s important to celebrate it.
Many civil rights heroes from this area deserve to have their stories told. Who is the Martin Luther King, Jr. of Bainbridge? This is the time to share memories, to celebrate the great strides this nation has taken for equal rights to all citizens.

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