NBA stars and local Bainbridge athletes are scoring big points for their teams

Published 8:45 pm Friday, January 31, 2014

There’s a lot of news swirling around some of the big NBA players and the amount points they’re scoring.
I had the pleasure of visiting New York City for the first time last weekend. My sister is a sophomore at New York University and has been asking me to come up for a while, and I’m glad I finally found an opportunity to go. It was big, loud and freezing; exactly what I expected.
And everybody is a huge New York Knicks fan; also something I suspected.
While out to dinner last Friday night, I heard the news that Carmelo Anthony, forward for the Knicks, had put 62 points on the board, by himself, at home. That’s a franchise record, and I can’t help but to think me being in the city had something to do with it. My insane basketball aura probably got picked up by Anthony and gave him the jolt he needed to break a Knicks record.
But in all seriousness, congrats to the New York all-star. Anthony has been in the game for a while and I’m glad to see him smack down on his opponents, especially in a 125-96 blowout against the Charlotte Bobcats.
Also, there’s all the buzz behind Kevin Durant, who has just spent the past 12 games scoring more than 30 points. The consistency and pure domination on the court from Durant even inspired some flattering comments from LeBron James of the Miami Heat. Wednesday, Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated James and the Heat 112-95. Good thing James played the good sportsmanship card earlier so he’s not eating his words.
All these NBA stars scoring big and getting all the glory makes me take a step back and look at what we have here in Bainbridge. There are certainly some big shots of our own dominating the courts and making big plays.
Grace Christian Academy’s Jack McRae is a consistent scorer, plays aggressively and has a passion for the sport. He poured 27 points into the basket Tuesday against Emmanuel. That’s an astounding number for a sophomore, and he’ll only continue to grow. Kelsey Harrell on the Lady Cougars led her team against Emmanuel with 11 points and also shows huge promise for college play.
For the Bainbridge Bearcats, outstanding players like Tyree Crump, who put up 16 points against Cairo last Saturday, and Devontae Jones, who scored 11 points in the same game, both show potential of playing for big Division 1 colleges and maybe even the NBA.
The best way to support these athletes is attend their games and cheer them on. Carmelo Anthony can’t score 62 points in a single game without the help of his fans, no matter how much of it came from practice and hard work.
The same goes for local players. Cheer for them and they’ll perform. Cheer for them and help fuel their drive to do better.
Go Bearcats, go Cougars and go Bainbridge athletes.

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